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About us

Sāj is the phonetic sound of Sage. Defined as very wise, thoughtful, good judgement. 


The Sāj mission is to bring proactive awareness to the community about naturally healthful and safe skincare, offering green products for a more holistic path into the world of beauty. We also offer conscious lifestyle products like vegan handbags, gemstone jewelry, plus much more!

Our Products

Sāj provides an array of products from around the globe that are proven to be safe, nontoxic, cruelty free, natural, and organic, honoring our customers with highly effective and luxurious quality that satisfies all skin types. We have carefully arranged and experienced first-hand each product for ourselves to insure sustainable excellence so that our customers will have top quality makeup and body care available at their disposal, as we will not offer anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Sāj fabricates an environment where you can freely shop with the knowledge that every item in our store is safe, because we have already researched each brand’s product, and practice open communications with them about the integrity of their ingredients to uphold transparency. We always hold a space of trustworthiness with our vendors to guarantee they work with ethically derived ingredients before adding their product to our shelves for purchase. Sāj maintains very high standards and believes that the only skincare products worth applying are those that are healing to the body.

Understanding the many types of skin, Sāj handpicks therapeutic beauty brands from around the world with exotic ingredients that can cater to everyone. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, delicate, rough, or sensitive skin, our hypoallergenic, curative green beauty store offers restorative ingredients with beneficial properties that will optimize your beauty and health.

Why go green?

Depending on your personal routine, skincare products are used throughout the day: when we rise out of bed to get ready for the day, and before going back into bed. Between those times, the products we apply are sitting on our porous skin for hours, eventually penetrating through and into our bodies, as per the laws of nature. Unfortunately, many products readily available to us contain an overwhelming list of toxic ingredients that are harmful, especially with prolonged use; of these include face cleansers, body soaps, moisturizers, foundations, concealers, and all other types of makeup/skincare. Making the conscious decision to switch to green beauty is you taking charge of your beauty and overall health. Instead of a daily application of damaging ingredients that may compromise your skin and health, you could be applying products that are nourishing to the body. It seems like an easy switch…and it is. Working with diligence and care, Sāj intends to make green beauty products as readily available as all other products.


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